All new businesses NEED to attract clients

Tim Wade Media - Snowboarding Publicity Professional & Personal Lifestyle ConsultantAll new businesses have on thing in common – they absolutely NEED to attract clients, and here a good bit of text about it that I read on Facebook today – although it linked to a website where he was only collecting names and email addresses for himself, and was having to waste his “beach day” spending time proactively promoting the link himself, as opposed to having Google do it in the background whilst he sunbathed.

Credit for the sales text goes to James Hopkins and is as follows:

“Yep.. I said it..

The dream of “working on the beach” is absolute BS!

It just doesn’t happen..

And anyone telling you it does.. PFFT!

Let’s look at some top entrepreneurs and see which one of them founded their business from a beach..

Marky Z.. Founded Facebook™ in his college bedroom.

Jeffy B.. Founded Amazon™ in his garage.

Walty D.. Founded Disney™ in his garden shed.

No distractions, stable environment, a place to WORK HARD.

So, no..

No business worth mentioning has ever been started on a beach.

The truth is…

Business is hard.

And SUCCEEDING in business is even harder.

How do I know?

Because 4 years ago, I was sitting exactly where you are now.

Stuck in the research phase..

Trading my time for money..

Looking at the world of Entrepreneurship thinking “I want a piece of that” but having no idea how to actually get started.

I was having no luck.

Until I realised this:

Successful people in business are successful because they solve problems.

And what’s the #1 problem local businesses face?

Customer Acquisition.

Without customers, a business makes no sales. And they go out of business.

So local businesses are EXCITED to work with freelancers skilled in Customer Acquisition.

Back in 2016-

I taught myself how to acquire new customers for local businesses whilst living as an Expat.

AND perfected a system to find local businesses online happy to pay me to help them acquire new customers.

Live abroad, earn a living in a Western Country.

By 2018, other curious expats were asking me how I did it.

There are over 125,000,000 registered small business owners worldwide (More than I could ever handle alone…)

… so I coached expats on how to help local businesses with Customer Acquisition too!

(This works even if my students and their clients live in different countries)

Want to see how we did it?

I created a short training to show you exactly how my students quickly learned the Customer Acquisition skills to help local businesses. And how many of my students found local business clients within 2-3 months!


If you are, and you want to lie on a beach and have Google do the work for you, rather than spend all your time promoting on Social Networks, then please reach out to me soonest!