Enduro guided motorbike holidays in Val di Susa & hotels in Oulx, Italy

NeveFest offers Enduro guided motorbike tours that allow you to completely discover the beauties of upper Val di Susa (the Susa Valley) in Italy and the off-road areas, tracks and alpine roads of this beautiful Alpine area. Explore some classic local routes and also some far less known and unexplored territories. The routes along the Colle dell ‘Assietta, the ascent of Mont Sommelier, the lakes of the Monti della Luna (Mount of the Moon), are just some of the destinations that NeveFests very experienced Enduro guides offer our guests. One of our guides is twice Italian National Trials Champion and has competed in the World Trial Championships no less than 5 times. Accompanied by a lifelong Enduro rider with his own bar and restaurant, you are sure to enjoy your personalised NeveFest Enduro holiday!