Iliad, Italy

Firstly, let me apologise for posting this publicly on my own website (and having it posted into Google in English and Italian for Iliad Italy (and anyone else) to read and respond to), but not approving my posts on your facebook page and totally ignoring them, without a “Message” button on your facebook page; you leave me no other choice in getting my problems supported or even answered.

Your advised 177 helpdesk operators, after several “Network Busy” attempts (stood next to the Bussoleno transmitter) only hang up on you. It seems there is no way to contact you via your website. So you leave me no other choice.

After coming to Iliad “to join the revolution” the service in Bussoleno, Piemonte (especially on the north side of Via Mameli and La Grangia) was okay for a couple of weeks – for the following 6 months, it has been nothing but frustrating, non-existent, annoying and intermittent. As a network engineer myself, it is obviously very overloaded with routing equipment resetting itself on a two minutely basis and more customers than it can handle, even in off-peak usage times. Calls are always “Network busy”, SMS’s take 30 minutes and 6 attempts to send and the data service is unusable to a low bandwidth user, let alone a web designer. Quite simply, to call this “a chargeable service” in Bussoleno is a complete disgrace, to and your paying clients.

Furthermore, I was advised to phone 177 to inquire as to why “10€’s has completely disappeared from my balance” the month before last with no documented usage of it in your own online usage statistics. I spent 1-2 hours in reaching an Iliad telephone operator, only to have her not be bothered and put the phone down on me.

Are you going to care for your existing clients? Is Iliad a big city network only interested in high volumes of clients? Are you going to investigate and upgrade transmission or at least send an engineer with a repeater to the northern part of Bussoleno/La Grangia?

It seems to me as there is no client service or cares at all, and you are happy for your clients to “leave the revolution” and return to reliable operators such as TIM and Vodafone.

I look forward to your prompt reply, so I can both choose a reliable operator for both myself and recommend a reliable mobile telephony provider and mobile ISP to our mountain tourism clients; else tell them to bring a 56k modem with them if they’d like reliable communications whilst here.

I’ll recharge for another month today, but unless good weather services have returned locally within one month, I’ll be returning to TIM or Vodafone.

All my best, Tim Wade.

PS: Now I’ll click translate for another hour to get Google to work – Try again, Try again, Try again. Otherwise, go to a more reliable wifi service on a train station. Today I have sat here for 5 hours infuriated with Iliad and its wholly unusable network.

PPS: you probably can answer me better at – thankfully my email server is more reliably connected to the internet than my mobile telephone is, 97% of the time outside 2 am to 6 am.