Look for what THEY value

Tim Wade Media - Snowboarding Publicity Professional & Personal Lifestyle ConsultantA deep gratitude To John McLucas for an inspirational Social Network post leading up to this.

During a typical conversation with a potential today, look for what THEY value.

As most of people do. Most of the time people think customers only search for the quality, meeting deadlines, flexibility, communication, the typical stuff that anybody wanting any service wants and desires, everyone can deliver and most people think they win or lose jobs upon. Take time to listen and dig deeper. Find out what REALLY matters to the client and ask for what pisses them off based on a past experiences.

You will discover that culture was is the most important thing for any client. The “the hang”, “the vibe” and “the feel” of the people that clients like to work with. People want to have fun during any work process, and enjoy it. Whatever your industry.


Starting telling people about dope food outlets and bear near your workplace, make jokes, be light hearted – let them know that you are the one to work with.

Things that couldn’t be any LESS related to your industry but THEY are into it. In 30 minutes.

Found out what THEY value. And it works. Jobs will come in and they will be two times your normal rate. And it has absolutely nothing to do with your work.

A good lesson in expressing value in THEIR eyes; not what YOU think is valuable.