NeveFest – Ski & Snowboard Innovation

NeveFest Ski & Snowboard Innovation is delighted to have launched the first of their accommodations for the 2018/2019 ski season. Their accommodations, cuisine, locations, Europes highest levels of ski and snowboard tuition and ski equipment provision are absolutely second to none! Their holidays are hand picked through the exploration and the sheer hard work of a team of year-round adventurers hell-bent on providing the best-possible skiing and snowboarding experience for their guests. They draw on the expectation and knowledge of a team of resident mountain experts with decades of seasonaire experience and across a multitude of skiing resorts. Their “Check availability” reservation system and flexible payment options make the booking and paying for your skiing or snowboard holiday an absolutely unbeatable experience.

NeveFest Limited list all of their snowboard and ski holiday destinations with split seasonal adult pricing for accommodations and hotels. They cover all board options, Europes very top-levels of ski and snowboard tuition, the rental outlets of top-notch ski and snowboard equipment, the best ski pricing available each year and have the friendliest hospitality staff available in Europe.

They display your holiday to you in a format where you simply choose your dates and tick the boxes for the skiing & snowboarding requirements you may have for you and your family. And you simply “check availability”? They then use their in-house relation to secure the best price available with your chosen accommodation establishment, often negotiating 30%, 50%, sometimes even 100% discounts and reduce your reservations cost dramatically. Before returning your reservation to you with your chosen payment plan (around a month before your date of arrival, with payment terms that will leave you in awe. If you like their negotiated prices, you simply make your down payment and let NeveFest reserve all of the elements of the perfect skiing holiday on your behalf! Get in contact with NeveFest and give them a try. You will not be disappointed!