The Tim Wade “Website Design & SEO Masterclass”


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Exactly how you can design, manage and scalably deploy and Search Engine Optimise your own website to the top of Google within 3 months.


The Website Design & SEO Masterclass is written by a Network Engineer with over 30 years of top-level experience in the communications industry dating back to before the internet was present before Google was even thought about.

Tim Wade has designed and deployed hundreds of websites for a diverse range of UK and international clients. And in a Penn and Teller style, is going to expose to you exactly how you can design, manage and scalably deploy and Search Engine Optimise your own website to the top of Google within 3 months. Why? Because he has other more lucrative business interests occupying his available time (and top-level web design and SEO are amongst the highest paying consultancy activities out there) and his free time means more to him now, than money!

Web Design and SEO is a huge industry with tremendous opportunities for professional experts within their field. This course will very quickly coach you to be one of them. Whilst many “profess” to be an expert, very few are and certainly not many can boast over 30 years of qualified network engineering, web and messaging systems and SEO experience for a host of blue-chip clientele at the top of their game, than Tim Wade. British Telecom, B&Q, Lloyds/TSB, Clerical Medical, National Power, Clarks, BAE Systems, just to name a few…..all have benefited from Tim Wade’s knowledge and experience.

The course covers all aspects of building highly functional and immediately successful websites, for yourself all for your clients. And at the top of Google’s search results for everything you could ever wish to sell. Making your website look great, gaining your business the customers that are already proactively searching to buy your products and services, capturing their data and levels of interest, and automatically adding them into your Customer Relationship Management system and following them up with automated messages, whilst you sleep or do something altogether more enjoyable instead. Across any industry, country or geographical area or device you desire!

And now he’s going to pass on this knowledge and experience to you. In an east-to-digest, functional, honest, organised and simple format that will realise your businesses success in any field, give you a highly sellable skill and offer you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you wish. And all for the price of paying an inexperienced student “kid down the street”.

This course is NEW and real. Very real. It is the best training and mentored coaching in web design and SEO out there. It is scalable and unlike, SiteBuilder etc, allows you and your business to achieve success in any venture you could dream about.

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