The NeveFest concept

In January of 2018, an idea was born in Sauze d’Oulx, Italy whilst snowboarding with a sponsor and some very good friends.

“Let’s get a stage and a big sound system (now also smaller sattelite ones to drag round the mountainside at lunchtimes and afternoons, and smaller indoor evening events and entertainment) and a few vans, and drive round Italy. Ram their hotels with people, flood their ski schools with skiers and snowboarders, sell their ski passes and hire their ski’s and snowboards out for them. Do it all online and when guests arrive they just pick their stuff up at reception, get their ski’s and the location and times of their ski/snowboard instructor…..and go! No queues!”

And so the idea and concept were born. Not being one to waste time I quickly pulled a few prices from the internet, spoke to a load of my musical and DJ friends, some accommodations and ski schools and within a month or so had put a draft business plan together. I showed it to a few good friends and two jumped in immediately, quickly followed by a third and I paid a small fortune to internationally register NeveFest Limited with an office in London, UK and registered all the domain name suffixes of our target countries. Across the summer of 2018, I designed the website, forged relationships with two local skiing resorts (one published as we speak and one coming in the next couple of others) and am working on 5 other ski resorts on two other Italian regions. I’ve since convinced to other investors, recruited two Directors to work alongside me on the board of NeveFest and forged relationship with some of the biggest players in the UK and worldwide music promotion industry. NeveFest will have three branches to it. The ski and snowboard holidays and clothing brand branches are live and the NeveFest Ski and Snowboard Innovation website is online now for the 2018/2019 ski season with resorts and services represented expected to expand quite rapidly and spread across North Italy and into France, Switzerland and Austria. The NeveFest Clothing Brand is designed with top quality sports clothing and apparel and we’re looking to further expand our range and offering with the aid of other quality and reliable suppliers.

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