Why not to use Facebook for business marketing?

Okay. You’re not really sure with your online marketing strategy, yet everybody is shouting “facebook, facebook, facebook?”

Tim Wade Media - Snowboarding, Skiing, Music Festivals, Web Design, Marketing, Publicity, SEOHaving a page on Facebook is actually detrimental to your business – you are giving 100% of your competition the chance to belittle and report you, and Facebook and its automated systems, simply “Facebook does not care about you or your business”. Facebook users do not care about you or your business and outside your immediate (and close) friends, “nobody on Facebook cares about your business either! In fact, Facebook bans users and links to websites “that supposedly controvene their very ambiguous “Facebook Community Standards” automatically. With no path of redress or complaint. Imagine having your customers wanting to share your website after being hugely impressed with your products and services, but they cannot – because one of your competitors complained and Facebook systems ban you automatically without them even having looked at any offending post or having the decency to contact you regarding the Facebook ban??!!??

As that is what happens – your competition “reports” your posts (even on your timeline or business page) and you get penalised for it, with no route of compliant or redress whatsoever. Facebook won’t even look at the post that they have had reported. THEY DON’T EVEN CHECK YOUR POST to ensure it doesn’t meet their “exquisit, ambiguous and completely confusing Facebook Community Standards” – they just eliminate you for 30 days or Facebook ban links to your website with no explanantion or opportunity of redress. You can only post your link again and in the notification, send them a link to an external article such as this one. And pray one of their admins have a better level of morality than your competitor that cowardly reported you.

Rather than waste your time writing content for Facebook, your time is much better spent on “how to make your own website content come higher in Google than the same content on Facebook” which we’ll tell you about tomorrow in another article – want to follow the series on “why not to use facebook for business marketing?” You’ll be so glad you did – sign up now!

Your competitors will complain regarding every post you make and Facebook will ban you from the non-existent “good”. The only benefit is its ability to quickly get links indexed by Google – other than that your efforts spent writing content are for their websites benefit and will rank Facebook higher for your efforts in Google, rather than any website you link to. In fact Facebooks page rank will go up in comparison to yours and be detrimental to your own website.

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